Remote Computer Manager 4.1.0

Remote Computer Manager 4.1.0: Allows you to make remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, run and other operations. remote shutdown, remote run, remote execute, Wake-on-LAN, remote lock workstation, remote log off, remote sleep, remote hibernate, remote reboot, remote power off, remote lock and unlock input devices, remote registry merge, remote file copy and other operations for Windows and Linux PCs. Using Remote Computer Manager you can perform a remote turn on, shut down, power off and cold restart (reset) the remote computer with Intel AMT (Active Management

Easy Remote Access Easy Remote Access is Remote Control PC software and File Transfer for Windows
Easy Remote Access

remotely. You can connect to customer`s desktop and quickly fix any problems on the remote PC. It is an optimal solution for troubleshooting computer problems remotely, via Internet or LAN. While traveling, you can use Easy Remote Access to access your home or office computer from anywhere in the world, to check and read email on the remote PC, to communicate with your co-workers and family, etc. Easy Remote Access allows a worker to manage any remote

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Remote Process Explorer 2.1.2: Control remote processes and remote computers with Remote Process Explorer
Remote Process Explorer 2.1.2

remote PCs! Network administrators will appreciate the fact that there is no need to install Remote Process Explorer on every system on the network. Remote Process Explorer runs from a single server, and controls remote PCs securely and reliably. Remote computer management includes remote shutdown and reboot with sufficient privileges. Remote Process Explorer retrieves the list of available network computers and keeps it updated completely automatically

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EMCO Remote Desktop 4.3.1: Remote desktop management solution for professionals
EMCO Remote Desktop 4.3.1

remote computer`s Remote Desktop can scan your remote client`s for many useful information such as Service Pack, Installed Applications etc. Built-in Performance Monitor (Remote Task Manager) like you know in NT systems. Where you can see all running processes on remote client. Multiple Service Installation The professional version has built-in special dialog where you can manage and deploy the Remote Desktop Pro service across your remote client

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Remote Administrator 2.2: Radmin is the fastest remote control. Ideal for helpdesk, network management.
Remote Administrator 2.2

remote computers from your own computer. You see the remote computer desktop displayed either in a window or full screen on your computer monitor. All your mouse and keyboard functions are transferred to the remote computer. You work with the remote computer as if you are sitting in front of it. The remote computer can be located anywhere on the Internet or LAN. It is a complete remote control and remote access solution with all key features such

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Remote Office Manager 4.1: Remote Office Manager is a program for remote access computers.
Remote Office Manager 4.1

Remote Office Manager is a program for remote access computers in local area networks and wide area networks. It allows you to remotely access the computer desktop in real time. You see the remote computer screen in a resizable window and can control the remote computer with your mouse and keyboard. Remote Office Manager (ROM) provides fast, safe and comfortable access to remote computers and supports LAN and WAN (Internet) connections. Besides mouse

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Remote Utilities 5.6: Remote desktop software for secure remote access to workstations and servers
Remote Utilities 5.6

Remote Utilities is remote desktop software for network administration in a Windows domain network. It is closely integrated with Active Directory and provides remote installation across multiple PCs as well as AD authentication support. Remote Utilities can run as a service and grant full control over the remote PC to the administrator in 15 different connection modes, including the view remote screen and power control modes.

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